Alan Mak and Brexit

EU Referendum Result

In the EU Referendum, Havant voted:

  • 62.4% to LEAVE the EU
  • 37.6% to REMAIN in the EU

with 44,047 voting to LEAVE, and 26,582 voting to REMAIN with a turnout of 74.1%. 

Alan Mak's position on the EU

Alan Mak wrote an open letter to the residents of Havant conforming his committment to remain in the EU, see below:

AM00130   AM EU Position

The complete letter to residents may be seen HERE.  Alan Mak was also out vigorously campaining for EU membership in Havant Town Centre leading up the the EU Referendum.



It should therefore be clear to Havant residents that Alan Mak is a committed Remainer and that the BREXIT vote of the UK could be in jeopardy should Alan Mak vote with his conscience and does not support the BREXIT vote in Parliament from 2018 onwards.

For information, I have always been committed to a clean BREXIT as soon as possible.