7. Cambridge University Board

Alan Mak claimed on his CV that he was a member of the Cambridge University Board. 

However, this claim from his CV and claimed verbally at hustings was untrue.

The Cambridge University Board advises on educational policy and controls resources.

Alan Mak was however a member of the Alumni Advisory Board which advises on how best to engage with alumni of Cambridge, see HERE; however, he resigned from the Alumni Advisory Board after the 2015 General Electiuon.

During the 2015 parliamentary hustings at Bosmere Junior School on 1 April 2015, I corrected Alan Mak on his repeated claim that he is on the Cambridge University Board; he did not respond to my correction.

When Alan Mak repeatedly claimed incorrectly in front of sixth form students and teachers that he is on the "Cambridge University board", he gave students the impression that he is more influential that he actually is.