Havant Conservative Questions

These questions need to be answered by Cllr Fairhurst, the Chairman of Havant Conservatives:

  1. Bearing in mind the number of significant false claims on Alan Mak’s "Conservative Party Approved Candidate CV”, could Havant Conservatives state whether or not they were instructed by CCHQ to approve Alan Mak’s CV without due diligence?

  2. Could Havant Conservatives confirm whether or not they conducted any due diligence on Alan Mak’s CV, and if they did, could they explain why they failed to find any of the false claims?

  3. Bearing in mind the false claims on Alan Mak’s CV, do Havant Conservatives believe that they allowed Havant Residents to be misled when the residents selected Alan Mak as their candidate in the Open Primary?

  4. Could Havant Conservatives why they did not re-run the candidate selection procedure for their Havant Consistency candidate for the 2017 General Election?