Alan Mak campaigned in the 2017 General Election supporting the "Strong and Stable" attributes of Theresa May.  After the flawed campaign in which the Conservatives proposed a new "Dementia Tax" on citizens unfortunate enough to suffer from Alzheimer's disease, the Tory's lost their overall majority and became the ruling party in a minority Government.

After the 2017 General Election result was announced Alan Mak was interviewed by the BBC and he became known as "RoboMak" as he repeated the "Strong and Stable" soundbite despite the Government not being in a strong and stable position.

Theresa May's Government lost Michael Fallon the Defence Secretary and Priti Patel, The International Development Secretary just two months after the General Election suggestion that the Government was weak and unstable.

MakUturnDuring the Conservative Party selection process, a candidate was sought who supported the UK leaving the European Union.  Alan Mak made it very clear to the Havant Conservatives Committee that he was a strong supporter of the Leave campaign.

However, as the EU Referendum approached, Alan Mak revealed his true belief that he strongly supported the UK remaining in the EU following what he believed were the huge concessions achieved by David Cameron in his EU negotiations.  Alan Mak issued the statement below in his open letter to Havant residents:

Jess Parker of BBC Radio Solent interviewed Alan Mak about his CV and asked questions about

  • His quotes on Conservative Home and The Telegraph;
  • His business success;
  • His unseating of a Liberal Democrat candidate in Tower Hamlets.

You may listen to the 1 May 2015 BBC Radio Solent interview HERE.

Alan Mak MP Havant and Church AttendanceAlan Mak claimed to run a business close to St Faiths Church in Havant, but when a local resident enquired in the Havant Conservative Party Office in Havant, they were unaware of his Havant Business and referred the resident to the Langstone Technology Park where the business was run.  However, Langstone Technology Park denied Alan Mak ran his business from there.

Alan Mak also claimed to be a regular member of the congregation at St Faith's Church in Havant, but that was not true either. 

Full details are in the Portsmouth News HERE.