2015 05 - Church and Business

Alan Mak MP Havant and Church AttendanceAlan Mak claimed to run a business close to St Faiths Church in Havant, but when a local resident enquired in the Havant Conservative Party Office in Havant, they were unaware of his Havant Business and referred the resident to the Langstone Technology Park where the business was run.  However, Langstone Technology Park denied Alan Mak ran his business from there.

Alan Mak also claimed to be a regular member of the congregation at St Faith's Church in Havant, but that was not true either. 

Full details are in the Portsmouth News HERE.

You may read the print edition HERE of page 1 and HERE of page 6 of the Portsmouth News.

Alan Mak's business interests have been questioned elsewhere and to the best of my knowledge, Alan Mak lives in London (from where he claims rent on his MP expense claims and to the best of my knowledge neither lives in Havant nor has a house in Havant.