2016 02 - Alan Mak reveals he is a Remainer

MakUturnDuring the Conservative Party selection process, a candidate was sought who supported the UK leaving the European Union.  Alan Mak made it very clear to the Havant Conservatives Committee that he was a strong supporter of the Leave campaign.

However, as the EU Referendum approached, Alan Mak revealed his true belief that he strongly supported the UK remaining in the EU following what he believed were the huge concessions achieved by David Cameron in his EU negotiations.  Alan Mak issued the statement below in his open letter to Havant residents:

Furthermore, the Havant Conservatives were angry about having been deceived and this was reported HERE on page 1 and HERE on page 6 of the Portsmouth News.

It would seem that the Havant Conservatives now support Remain as they voted to keep the EU Flag flying in council and fully supported Alan Mak's remain position and retained his as their 2017 General Election Candidate.