UKIP and my current position on Brexit

The EU Referendum

Jun2016HMGRemainPage1On 23 June 2016, the UK held a Referendum on on membership of the European Union.   Prior to the referendum, as part of the Remain campaign, the Government issued this booklet to every household to encourage residents to Vote Remain with stating false concessions achieved from the EU and false and misleading statements on the effect of a Leave vote result, please see page 8 of the document by clicking on the image to the left. 

The David Cameron and George Osborne ProjectFear campaign that forecast: wars within Europe, a punishment budget to the UK; falling GDP and 500,000 people losing their jobs if people voted Leave failed to persuade people to vote Remain.

EU Referendum Result

amspThe result of the EU Referendum was for Leave.  In Havant, 62.4% of residents voted to Leave and this was despite Havant Conservatives and the Havant Conservative MP, Alan Mak campaigning vigorously to Remain.

Please watch the video below on what a vote to Leave means (credit UKIP Debate YouTube channel).  This video makes it very clear that a vote to Leave means leaving the Single Market.

 Despite the UK Referendum result, Wales voted to Leave the EU and senior Conservatives made it very clear that a vote to leave was a vote to leave the Single Market.  However, even in 2018, the committed remainers in Theresa May's Government and who are engaged in the Brexit negotiations are doing their best to keep the UK effectively in the Single Market with May's Facilitated Customs Agreement.