John Perry - UKIP Hayling West Candidate 

jpjcouncil300Hayling Island is my home and I have lived here for 37 years. I care deeply about our Island and have decided to stand in Hayling West where I have lived for the past 30 years.

I am deeply concerned about the Hayling Conservative councillors (Leader and Housing Leader) who are targeting Hayling with at least 2,000 extra dwellings to meet their housing targets. I have clear evidence that our A3023 road infrastructure will be inadequate if they meet their targets. Therefore, I will NOT support and will OPPOSE the Local Plan 2036 if elected.

It is unacceptable that since 2015/16, our Council Tax has risen by 18.0% while services are cut.

If elected, I will continue supporting the Save Our Island Group, promote a reduction in car parking charges and help residents with their day to day enquiries.

2017GEFrontsHere I go through the background to the 2017 General Election following Theresa May's Lancaster House speech after the EU Referendum.

I also reveal that the Havant Conservative MP is a committed Remainer who campaigned vigorously for Remain in the European Union Referendum.

My 2017 Election Address is also shown and my thinking behind it explained.


The events leading up the the 2015 General Election are explained.  The Havant constituency was unique in that the popular Conservative MP David Willetts stood down and his replacement was selected by an open primary attended by residents during which Alan Mak's CV (which contained untruths and exaggerations) was distributed, for more information, please go here).

My UKIP flyers that were distributed to Havant Constituency residents containing information about myself and UKIP's policy are included.