2017 General Election

2017GEFrontsHere I go through the background to the 2017 General Election following Theresa May's Lancaster House speech after the EU Referendum.

I also reveal that the Havant Conservative MP is a committed Remainer who campaigned vigorously for Remain in the European Union Referendum.

My 2017 Election Address is also shown and my thinking behind it explained.


On 23 June 2016, The referendum on European Union (EU) Membership took place with the UK voting in favour of leaving the EU.  The vote in Havant was 62.4% in favour of leaving the EU and 37.6% in favour of remaining.  Leading up the the Referendum, Havant Conservative, Alan Mak MP wrote an open letter to all Havant constituents confirming that are very careful consideration, he would be voting to remain in the EU.

On 17 January 2017, Theresa May delivered her Lancaster House speech in which she identified the Conservative Party promise on delivering Brexit, and as far as I was concerned her strategy was to fully comply with the result of the Referendum meaning the UK would:

  • Leave the Single Market
  • Leave the Customs Union
  • Regain full control of immigration
  • Be able to sign trade deals without incumbrance with any country or group of countries
  • No longer be under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

General Election 

Theresa May wished to establish her position more strongly with an increased Conservative Majority in the House of Commons and a General Election was duly called.  Since two thirds of constituencies voted to Leave the EU, it would be reasonable to assume the Conservatives could expect to be returned with an increased majority.  

However, there were some anomalies; the Conservative MP for Havant is a committed Remainer, in a Leave constituency, and there was doubt if Alan Mak's conscience would allow him to vote Leave when he does not believe leaving is right for the UK.

Consequently, in the 2017 General Election, I as the UKIP candidate was the only candidate in Havant that supported Leaving the EU.

Election Flyer

You may view large images of my election flyer by clicking on the small images.

Front page

2017GEFrontsThe front page of my Election Address therefore focused on the fact I was the sole Leave candidate in the General Election. 

I also reminded residents that the Havant Conservative Councillors voted to keep the EU Flag flying in the Council Chamber and denied Councillors the opportunity to debate the EU Referendum.

The other key issues in Havant were the savage funding cuts to schools and the ever deteriorating NHS service in our area.

My message was that only a UKIP MP in Havant would support Brexit.

Back page 

2017GEBacksThe back page of my election address focused on supporting a conjoined NHS and Social Care organisation that would alleviate the serious bed block that was occurring at our local Queen Alexander Hospital.

I was incensed that Conservative funding cuts had led to Havant having the lowest percentage of students applying to university in the country.  This needed correcting as I believe Havant students deserved better.

Finally, the Conservative and Labour policy of mass immigration leaving 300,000 net migrants a year entering the UK needing 150,000 new houses per year has and will lead to all green fields in Havant being built on with the houses being unaffordable to locals.  Furthermore, no additional infrastructure is being proposed.

Centre Page

2017GEInsidesThe centre page of my Election Address was a "Vote Perry" flyer that could have been placed in the window.

Unsurprisingly, the Country returned a Conservative majority.  At the polling stations it was very clear that traditional UKIP voters were voting Conservative because Theresa May and the Conservatives had promised a Clean Brexit (in the Lancaster House speech).