2015 General Election


The events leading up the the 2015 General Election are explained.  The Havant constituency was unique in that the popular Conservative MP David Willetts stood down and his replacement was selected by an open primary attended by residents during which Alan Mak's CV (which contained untruths and exaggerations) was distributed, for more information, please go here).

My UKIP flyers that were distributed to Havant Constituency residents containing information about myself and UKIP's policy are included.   



On 22 February 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the EU Referendum would be held on 23 June 2016.  Throughout 2014 UKIP's support had significantly increased and in Havant in May, two UKIP Councillors, Gary Kerrin and John Perry were elected as the first ever UKIP Councillors in Havant.

The Political Class (leaders of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats) and Political Elite (major companies, wealthy business leaders and land and property owners) all favoured EU Membership since it gave them cheap imported labour and high levels of immigration that increased the demand for and hence the price of their land and other assets.

The effect of EU membership was to increase demands on our infrastructure like the NHS and schools, whilst at the same time depressing wages of ordinary working people.  To make matters worse, high levels of immigration fuelled house price increases making them less affordable and EU tariffs forced up the price of food, clothing and footwear.

With the increasing popularity of UKIP, the Conservatives realised they had to counter UKIP's surge in popularity before the 2015 General Election.  It was for this reason that the Conservatives called the Referendum and which the Political Class and Political Elite believed they would win.

General Election 

The General Election was held on 7 May 2015.  David Willetts, stood down as the Conservative MP for Havant and Alan Mak was selected as the Conservative candidate by residents of Havant at an open Primary during which Alan Mak's CV was circulated which was full of misleading and invalid information.  It is worth reading the analysis of Alan Mak's CV here.

Meanwhile, I had been encouraged by UKIP members to stand as the parliamentary candidate in Havant.

Introduction Flyer

You may view large images of my election flyer by clicking on the small images.



During the early part of the 2015 campaign, we in Havant delivered this flyer to all houses in the constituency to encourage a growth in UKIP Havant members, we were successful in gaining a significant number of extra UKIP members during this campaign.

Being a councillor and qualified accountant demanded that I display honesty and integrity and these are principles I hold very dear to myself.  You will not find any false statements in any of my election material. 

The second objective was to increase the awareness of myself as the UKIP candidate.




The success of UKIP in the 2014 European Elections when 38.2% of Havant residents voted for UKIP (30.6% voted Conservative was very much on our minds and we had hoped to translate this success in the General Election.

The Local Havant Borough elections were also being held and we used this opportunity to promote our candidates and policy.

It is worth noting that none of our policies from 2015 have changed since that date and these are as valid from 2018 as they were then.



UKIP Policy Flyer

You may view large images of my election flyer by clicking on the small images.



The importance of communicating UKIP's policy to Havant Residents was seen as vital to our campaign, so we in Havant took the UKIP Policy and summarised it into key areas and had this flyer distributed to all homes in Havant.

There is one policy item that I added which was not mentioned in the UKIP Manifesto, but is a topic that I hold dear to myself, and if elected I would have used all my efforts to effect change.  See if you can spot it, the answer is at the bottom of this web page.

These policies remain UKIP's policies from 2018 onwards too.




During 2015 I was particularly concerned about the inadequate funding of our NHS; the continued funding cuts to schools both nationally and in Havant and Hampshire; and the underfunding of Defence. 

I saw considerable money saving opportunities to cancel vanity projects like HS2 and reduce the virtue-signaling Foreign Aid budget by £9 billion.  Savings could be better used to provide better public services and improve our defence capability.

Please examine these policies; do they seem reasonable to you then and now?  



Leigh Park Flyer

You may view large images of my election flyer by clicking on the small images.



I have always believed that Leigh Park has suffered the most as a result of EU membership with manufacturing businesses closing and the Conservatives diverting investment from Leigh Park to their preferred wealthy areas of the Borough. Surely the Tories who run Havant Council, Hampshire County Council and the Government should treat all areas fairly?

When I moved to Leigh Park in 1979, if was vibrant, however the Conservatives have allowed the main Greywell Shopping precinct area to decay.  

The Tories allowed the pavements and roads to fall into a state of dangerous disrepair and have implemented car-damaging speed humps, that are only present in Leigh Park.  Can you imagine the Conservatives putting speed-humps in Emsworth?



Residents of Leigh Park in particular would gain the most from Brexit, which is what UKIP primarily stood for. 

The inside shows 20 reasons why the UK should leave the EU.  A fisherman from Leigh Park has had his catch reduced to one-hundredth of what it was before the UK joined the EU; he is incensed that the Tories are reneging on their Brexit promises.

Immigration has held steady at 600,000 gross per annum since 2014, this has a severe effect on wage compression (forcing down the wages of the lowest paid).  

EU membership forces up the cost of food, footwear and clothes as a result of the EU tariffs that are applied on import to the UK, but passed to the EU.

2015 Election Address   

You may view large images of my election flyer by clicking on the small images.



My 2015 Election Address focused on myself being the only local candidate, having lived in the Havant constituency since 1979.  The Conservative candidate was from Yorkshire (and now lives in London, and not in Havant) while the Labour candidate was from Gosport.

Having worked in manufacturing and service industries, I stood for real change from the regular approach of appointing career politicians.

I also Believed In Britain, knowing the UK would thrive outside the EU.




In 2015 and now, my prime reason for wanting to leave the EU was for the UK to regain its sovereignty and to be able to pass laws and control immigration based on UK citizen elected MPs.

By exiting the EU, the saved membership fee could be partly used to address NHS underfunding and train and provide for more UK citizens to work as medical staff in our hospitals.

Inheritance Tax is unfair; the poor have none to pay; the wealthy can easily avoid it; and this leaves ordinary people paying the Tax.  This tax should be scrapped, as should the iniquitous Bedroom Tax.




The inside page of my Election Address was a "Vote Perry" flyer that could have been placed in the window.

While out canvassing for the General Election we noted many flyers in windows.  I was very grateful to Havant residents and in the final poll I came second with 20.6% of the vote, up two places from our 2010 General Election Result.

However, while coming second was a good result, it was good enough, and I do wonder if Havant Residents feel deceived by the Conservative MP Alan Mak who explained to the Havant Conservatives Selection Panel that he supported Leave

However, it later transpired that Alan Mak was a staunch Remainer who campaigned vigorously in Havant to Remain and wrote to his constituents telling them that.

John Perry's Policy Extra

Above I stated: There is one policy item that I added which was not mentioned in the UKIP Manifesto, but is a topic that I hold dear to myself, and if elected I would have used all my efforts to effect change.

The answer is that I added: 

Improved help for pancreatic cancer diagnosis and mental health provision for children and young adults.

My reason for adding this is that I know of two people who have passed away from pancreatic cancer; this disease if very hard to detect, and when detected it is often too late.  I also personally know children and young adults who have and are suffering greatly from untreated mental health issues.  I have a personal interest in having both these medical issues addressed. 

If I ever get elected, I promise I will do (and not just lobby) something about these conditions.