There are many series issues with the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) that Labour and the Tories are not telling you.

  • The WA is Brexit in Name Only; the EU would maintain significant control over the UK after "Brexit";
  • UK law would be replaced by union Law; the Transition period could be extended to at least 2023, 7 years after the EU Referendum;
  • the EU would maintain control over citizens rights;
  • our national security would be put in jeopardy;
  • UK trade will be damaged; there would be ongoing continuing payments to the EU;
  • and finally there would be no help to our fishing industry.

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jpplazaThe letter below is being delivered to Hayling Island residents in advance of the local elections on 2 May 2019.

Dear Resident,

If you have any concerns about Hayling Island Over‐development and the 2036 Local Plan, Local Shop Survival, Car Parking Charges, Reducing Services while Council Tax Increases, Homelessness and Council Support and so forth, then please read on.

hbcThe Havant Borough Council leader (Cllr Michael Wilson) and the Cabinet lead for Housing (Cllr Leah Turner) both from Hayling Island are desperate to make their housing numbers.  It is my opinion that that have deliberately made it difficult for residents to comment on the Local Plan by requiring residents to have advanced computing knowledge and so deter valid objections.

JanHousessHousing Summary

UKIP believes that new housing should be built mainly on brown field sites with sufficient houses made available that are affordable to local residents.  The Conservatives, being driven by their leader, Hayling Island councillor Michael Wilson and their Cabinet Lead, Hayling Island councillor Leah Turner are engaged in a huge house-building programme with sites identified to build the following dwellings

Area Dwellings
Emsworth 525
Havant 4.472
Hayling Island 971
Leigh Park 567
Waterlooville 1,866


The 4,472 inclues filling the Havant-Emsworth gap, and this number could be much larger.  These figures are minimum numbers do not include windfall that may add 10-20% to the numbers above.

Specifically for Hayling Island, outside consultants have determined the capacity of the A3023 main Havant Road, and Government projected the projected traffic when combined with the extra houses on Hayling Island will cause grid-lock and even more delays on the main Havant Road. 

housingsThe text below in purple is my response to the Hayling Island Resistents Association in which they expressed support for Conservative Councillors.

It has always been my opinion that HIRA is apolitical and so I was concerned to read the HIRA support for Conservatives councillors and HIRA consider: “many feel that they will be hard to replace”.
There has been considerable opposition to the mass housing development taking place on Hayling Island. I believe that Islanders need reminding that the ever-increasing house building targets are Conservative Policy which their party members including councillors support and will implement via the DMC.
If the Island wants any opposition at all to the mass development, they should consider voting for an alternative party to break the Conservative monopoly. Can I add that UKIP oppose the massive housebuilding programme both nationally and locally, believing it is unnecessary and that development should be focused on brown field sites.

I should also add that the Conservatives look like applying a further 5% increase in Council Tax for Hayling Island and Havant residents from next year, making the increase over 20% for the past four years while incomes for those in work have barely increased at all.

ambrexitTheresa May's Chequers proposal had further concessions made to the EU and resulted in the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement that was endorsed by leaders at a special meeting of the European Council on 25 November 2018.

This agreement grants the ECJ primacy over UK legislation and makes further unacceptable compromises.  On 20 November 2018 I wrote an open letter to Alan Mak to request that he supports the 2016 UK Referendum Result and that of the Havant residents in his constituency.  

Alan Mak has responded by confirming his support for Theresa May's proposals.

housingThe Government has directed all Councils across the UK to implement a massive house building programme and Havant Borough Council has agreed and had its target increased to at least 450 houses per year.

Hayling Island has severe traffic congestion issues on the main A3023 which affects Langstone and Hayling Island.  Despite the Hayling Island Save Our Island group conducting a detailed technical study on traffic flow which identifies gridlock is inevitable, there is a danger that the Conservatives who control Havant Borough Council and occupy all the Council seats on Hayling Island will get their houses built to the detriment of the well being of Hayling Islanders.

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