2018 11 - Havant MP will not support the Brexit vote of residents

ambrexitTheresa May's Chequers proposal had further concessions made to the EU and resulted in the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement that was endorsed by leaders at a special meeting of the European Council on 25 November 2018.

This agreement grants the ECJ primacy over UK legislation and makes further unacceptable compromises.  On 20 November 2018 I wrote an open letter to Alan Mak to request that he supports the 2016 UK Referendum Result and that of the Havant residents in his constituency.  

Alan Mak has responded by confirming his support for Theresa May's proposals.

My open letter is below:

Dear Alan Mak,

The purpose of this letter is to express my dismay about the proposed EU Withdrawal Treaty and to request that you vote against the Withdrawal Treaty when it comes to a vote in parliament.

This Treaty, if approved would result in the UK accepting rulings from the EU without representation, which is something the UK has never accepted in the past.

You will no doubt recall that in the 2016 EU Referendum that Havant voted 62.4% to LEAVE and 37.6% to REMAIN giving Havant one of the largest Leave/Remain ratios in Hampshire and as our representative in Parliament, my request is that you support the electorate here who feel betrayed by what the Government is proposing.

In the 2017 General Election manifestos of both the Conservative and Labour parties there was a clear commitment and promise to respect the 2016 EU Referendum result. David Cameron and George Osborne on behalf of the Conservative Party made it clear that a vote to leave would entail leaving both the Customs Union and the Single Market.

The golden thread of the Leave campaign was to regain our sovereignty from the EU which the Withdrawal Treaty fails to achieve. Based on Conservative and Labour manifestos, 80% of all votes cast at the 2017 General Election were for Brexit. The EU Referendum options were LEAVE or REMAIN; there was no option to Leave/Remain with a revised Treaty.

The proposed Withdrawal Treaty does not comply with the clear commitments of Mrs May’s Lancaster House speech. Furthermore, there is no identification of the £46 billion of added value that the Withdrawal Treaty provides over a WTO Deal Brexit.

Should this Withdrawal Treaty be adopted, the Government will permit the EU to enforce keeping the UK in a position of an Indefinite Leave to Remain, with the UK continuing to pay the EU substantial contributions for the indefinite future. There would be no incentive for the EU to release the UK from its obligations under this Treaty.

In both the Havant and National interest please:

• Respect the Result of the EU Referendum.
• Respect your commitments at the 2017 General Election.

And do not support the Withdrawal Treaty in Parliament

Yours sincerely,

John Perry
UKIP Havant Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Analysis of the Tories proposed UK-EU Agreement 



  • Once the protocol is in force, the UK cannot leave the EU without the permission of the EU.
  • The protocol locks the UK in the Customs Union with no decision making power.
  • The single customs territory will prevent the UK from striking trade agreements and policies with other countries.
  • The ‘transition’ period would see most EU laws applying in the UK, enforced by the Commission and adjudicated by the ECJ.
  • The transition period could last until 2022, prolonging uncertainty about the future.
  • Trade disputes will be resolved by the ECJ, even while we have "Brexited".
  • This agreement makes it less likely the UK will reach an acceptable final deal with the EU as the UK loses its two strongest negotiation cards: EU budget payments of £39 billion and the future access to our market for EU goods.
  • It would not give us back control of our laws.

Further details may be found in this Spectator Article and this Lawyers For Britain document.

Alan Mak has confirmed his support for Theresa May's sellout and the disadvantages described above.