2018 12 - Hayling Beach Huts moved after funding failure


Today it was revealed that following a failure to provide for the replacement of sea defences at West Beach, iconic Hayling Island beach huts will have to be moved further from the sea to prevent their destruction during the winter storms. (click on image for full size)

Havant Borough Council have today issued a Press Release confirming that they are paying Norse South East money to move 40 beach huts further inland because they are at risk of being washed out to sea.  

Councils would normally in their accounts provide for dilapidations and for 100 beach huts over 40 years, the life of the sea defences, the cost would have been just £40,000 per annum and not the £3-5 million quoted by the council.

This failure by the Council (run by the Conservatives) to provide adequate funding for sea defenses risks the loss of Hayling Island land and amenities.