2018 12 - Response to HIRA Christmas email

housingsThe text below in purple is my response to the Hayling Island Resistents Association in which they expressed support for Conservative Councillors.

It has always been my opinion that HIRA is apolitical and so I was concerned to read the HIRA support for Conservatives councillors and HIRA consider: “many feel that they will be hard to replace”.
There has been considerable opposition to the mass housing development taking place on Hayling Island. I believe that Islanders need reminding that the ever-increasing house building targets are Conservative Policy which their party members including councillors support and will implement via the DMC.
If the Island wants any opposition at all to the mass development, they should consider voting for an alternative party to break the Conservative monopoly. Can I add that UKIP oppose the massive housebuilding programme both nationally and locally, believing it is unnecessary and that development should be focused on brown field sites.

I should also add that the Conservatives look like applying a further 5% increase in Council Tax for Hayling Island and Havant residents from next year, making the increase over 20% for the past four years while incomes for those in work have barely increased at all.