2018 12 Tories secretly plan to accelerate low skilled migration

UNMigrationPactThe public statements from the Conservative Party are to limit migration into the UK to tens of thousands a year; however, the truth is very different.  The new Tory plan aims to accelerate and increase migration from Africa into the UK and the Conservative Party is fully committed to implement this plan. (picture credit Voice Of Europe)

 In December 2018, Theresa May committed to the tens of thousands migration target.  Further details are here.

On 19 December 2018, the UK signed the UN migration pact.  Further details are here.

However, the Conservative Party has not only signed the UN Compact on migration, but is fully committed to implement it within the UK.  Further details on the nature of the pact are here.

The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats are fully committed to EU membership and the prospective new President of the European Commission has made it very clear that Nationalism must be broken down.  Further details are here.

It is simply untrue that the tens of thousands migrant target can be kept when the Conservatives are supporting voiding the concept of  illegal immigration and actively encouraging further mass migration from the African continent.

UKIP Opposes the UN Compact on Migration.