Hayling Island and Havant House Building and Infrastructure

JanHousessHousing Summary

UKIP believes that new housing should be built mainly on brown field sites with sufficient houses made available that are affordable to local residents.  The Conservatives, being driven by their leader, Hayling Island councillor Michael Wilson and their Cabinet Lead, Hayling Island councillor Leah Turner are engaged in a huge house-building programme with sites identified to build the following dwellings

Area Dwellings
Emsworth 525
Havant 4.472
Hayling Island 971
Leigh Park 567
Waterlooville 1,866


The 4,472 inclues filling the Havant-Emsworth gap, and this number could be much larger.  These figures are minimum numbers do not include windfall that may add 10-20% to the numbers above.

Specifically for Hayling Island, outside consultants have determined the capacity of the A3023 main Havant Road, and Government projected the projected traffic when combined with the extra houses on Hayling Island will cause grid-lock and even more delays on the main Havant Road. 


UKIP believes that new housing should be built mainly on brown field sites with sufficient houses made available that are affordable to local residents. We oppose the massive house building programme being implemented by the Conservatives in both Central Government and in Havant Borough for houses that are unaffordable for local residents. According to the Office of National Statistics the latest average gross salaries for people in work in Havant is £422 per week see here.Housing is not being provided that is affordable for residents on average Havant wages.

Supply and Demand

Currently there is excess demand for houses which has led to house prices rising and so making them unaffordable to local residents. The Conservative policy of permitting 600,000 migrants into the UK each year and supporting the UN Compact on Migration (which eliminates the concept of illegal immigrants since all migrants are now deemed legal) will further increase house prices and increase the demand for even more building.

Havant Borough Council (HBC) House Building Targets

HBC Tory Councillors have agreed with their leaders in Government, an unprecedented increase in house building such that any land that is capable of having houses built on it in Havant Borough will be built on.  The Conservatives can justify this huge house building programme because it was part of their manifesto commitments and residents voted for their party and the policies. 

The current HBC Pre-submission Local Plan 2036 may be viewed HERE and a summary of the housing allocations is below:


Site Description Page Number
H8 Land north of Long Copse Lane 237 260
H9 Land at Selangor Avenue 239 147
H10 Land west of Coldharbour Farm 242 53
H11 Gas Site, Palmer’s Road 244 25
H12 Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital 246  
H13 Fowley Cottage 247 40
  Emsworth Total    525

Havant and Bedhampton

Site Description Page Number
H14 Forty Acres 255 320
H15 Land east of Castle Avenue 257 255
H16 Land south of Bartons Road 259 175
H17 Portsmouth Water Headquarters 261 135
H18 Camp Field, Bartons Road 263 90
H19 Havant Garden Centre 265 85
H20 Land south of Lower Road 268 50
H21 Wessex Site 270 41
H22 Littlepark House 271 50
H23 Southleigh Park House 273 35
H24 Land at Palk Road 275 15
H25 Helmsley House 276 15
H26 9 East Street 278 11
  Havant sub-Total    1,277
  Key projects KP1, KP6, KP8     3,195
  Havant Total   4,472

 Hayling Island

Site Description Page Number
H27 Rook Farm 287 390
H28 Fathoms Reach 288 55
H29 Land north of Sinah Lane 290 210
H30 Land north of Tournerbury Lane 292 55
H31 Manor Nurseries 294 15 
H32 Pullingers, Elm Grove 295 44
H33 Land rear of 13-21 Mengham Road 297 7
  Hayling Island sub-total    776
  Key projects KP3*   195
  Hayling Island Total   971

*KP3: Southwood Road 35, Eastoke Corner 20, Beachlands 100, Northney Marina 40.

Leigh Park 

Site Description Page Number
H34 Cabbagefield Row 300 155
H35 Colt Site 302 90
H36 Scottish and Southern Energy Offices 304 80
H37 Land at Dunsbury Way 306 15
H38 Land at Riders Lane 308 70
H39 Strouden Court 309 75
H33 Land rear of 13-21 Mengham Road 297 7
  Leigh Park sub-total    492
  Key projects   75
  Leigh Park Total   567


Site Description Page Number
H40 Campdown 315 560
H41 Woodcroft Farm 319 288
H42 Blue Star 322 90
H43 Goodwillies Timber Yard 323 120
H44 Padnell Grange 324 95
H45 Woodcroft Primary School 326 43
H46 Land at Waterlooville Golf Club 327 45
H47 Land north of Highbank Avenue 328 25
  Waterlooville sub-total    1,266
  Key Projects KP2   600
  Waterlooville Total   1,866

Southmere Field Towers

HBC possess a legal Covenant that they agreed to and which prevents the development of Southmere Field. However, when I was a councillor I sought an assurance in Full Council that the Covenant would be honoured, but the Tories would not give this assurance. This is a prime location for 12 tall tower blocks (see photo) as the site is sustainable and close to transport.

Southmere Field is a prime development opportunity with ready pedestrian access to Havant Town Centre, the Langstone Technology Site employment centre and the bus and train transport hub within the Havant Town Centre.

The field therefore provides a great opportunity for sustainable development to provide low cost accommodation on a large scale for people along the South Coast.

I ask, could tower blocks be built there to help alleviate the 2,000 on the Havant Housing Register.

The Council confirmed that Southmere Field would be treated in the same way as Rook Farm (see here page 8), which is now allocated for development.  We are very concerned that the Conservatives could pursue allowing building on Southmere Field for up to 1,000 residents with limited car parking spaces and that residents would be forced to park in Langstone side roads.

Hayling Island Infrastructure

The Conservative Cabinet of which the Leader (Cllr Wilson) and two key Cabinet members (Cllr Turner and Cllr Pike) live on Hayling Island have failed to honour commitments made to The Hayling Island Infrastructure Advisory Committee and most specifically in the meeting dated 24 July 2018.  Minutes of recent meetings are below:

While the Conservatives "whips" running Havant Borough Council may allow some Hayling Island Councillors to feign protest as the Council Meeting on 30 January 2019, residents should bear in mind that the Conservatives running the Council must meet their house building commitments and proof of adequate infrastructure is a distraction that I believe they wish to ignore.

Hayling Island Sea Defences

The Tories running the Council have neglected to financially provide for the replacement of our West Beach Sea Defences with the consequence that the beach is being washed away so recently the beach huts were moved inland to protect them. This is unforgivable neglect of our sea defences.  Further details are here.