Key Hayling Island Tories make it hard for residents to comment on local plan

hbcThe Havant Borough Council leader (Cllr Michael Wilson) and the Cabinet lead for Housing (Cllr Leah Turner) both from Hayling Island are desperate to make their housing numbers.  It is my opinion that that have deliberately made it difficult for residents to comment on the Local Plan by requiring residents to have advanced computing knowledge and so deter valid objections.

The average age of residents on Hayling Island is older than anywhere else in Havant Borough, and consequently, many residents are unlikely to have computer knowledge.  To be able to make a representation on the Local Plan 2036, the Council (who are under the direction of Hayling Island Cllr Leah Turner for the Local Plan), have made it mandatory for residents to update a pdf document for each issue they want to raise.  This task is difficult enough for someone with advanced computer skills, and I put it to Cllr Michael Wilson and Cllr Leah Turner:

"Have you deliberately made it difficult for residents to comment because you are both so desperate to meet your target for house building of over 2,000 extra houses on Hayling Island and an extra 10,000 houses in the Borough?"

This story is featured in the Portsmouth News here: