Open Letter to Hayling Island Residents

jpplazaThe letter below is being delivered to Hayling Island residents in advance of the local elections on 2 May 2019.

Dear Resident,

If you have any concerns about Hayling Island Over‐development and the 2036 Local Plan, Local Shop Survival, Car Parking Charges, Reducing Services while Council Tax Increases, Homelessness and Council Support and so forth, then please read on.
Thank you for picking up this letter and opening it. I just wanted to introduce myself to you, if you don’t already know me personally. My name is John and my wife, and I have lived on Hayling Island for 37 years. We very quickly fell in love with the Island, the people and community spirit that is clear to all. We have two children, and one aged 32 has lived on the Island all his life.
Hayling Island is an incredible place: we have numerous breakfast cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. We have a vibrant Community Centre, local Station Theatre and let’s not forget the fantastic work done by the volunteers at the Bridge Centre. The over‐worked staff at our Medical Centre provide excellent support to us Islanders and we are each still fortunate to have our own doctor.
So why am I writing a letter to Hayling Island residents? If you haven’t guessed by now, I intend to stand in the next local election in May. My late father was a Liberal and my late mother was a Conservative. I have, however, again chosen to stand for UKIP. UKIP? That’s right UKIP. Saying UKIP can sometimes be a taboo however I’d like to remind you that in the May elections you’re voting for local causes. I am absolutely opposed to the socialist Labour programme and I believe that Conservative policies need to be moderated with compassion. I was a Hayling Island Councillor between 2014 to 2018 and I would like to give you the opportunity to get to know me personally and try to show you why I deserve your valuable vote.
Here are a few things I personally stand for:
  •  Over‐development and the 2036 Local Plan. It is very clear that house prices, for people on local salaries, are too high for people to afford and this must be addressed. Our party and my position is that we should concentrate on building on brown‐field sites. The Conservatives, however, have decided that all available green field sites on Hayling Island (and in the Borough) MUST be built on and the Conservative councillors (led by the Cabinet lead and Council Leader who both live on Hayling Island) are desperately trying to meet their own house building targets that will lead to 2,000 extra dwellings being built on our Island. I most strongly oppose their objectives that would: exacerbate our existing traffic problems; damage the very nature of Hayling Island that makes it an attractive holiday destination and place to live; while at the same time not providing the necessary infrastructure.

  • Local Shop Survival. Mengham and West Town are the only place we do our local shopping; we do not go to Havant for shopping, we shop locally. On the Island we have many excellent restaurants, fish and chip shops and coffee shops. We also use local plumbers, electricians, tradesmen, carpet fitters and bathroom and kitchen suppliers. Hayling is a wonderful place but we must keep our local shopping centres alive and not discourage their use with exorbitant car parking charges. I will be looking at all ways we can better support our local shops. I will fight avidly for additional business premises rates support and I will look for ways to market and promote our local shopping centres to increase footfall.

  • Havant Town Centre. Have you seen the false shop fronts in Havant’s West Street opposite the NatWest Bank, and the vacant and derelict shops just south of the Station? The Conservatives have allowed Havant Town Centre to decay; as a Havant Borough Councillor I would strive to reverse this neglect of our Town and I will not allow their neglect of local shops and communities to spread to Hayling Island. 

  • Car Parking Charges. In 2013, I worked with a fellow resident gaining over 4,000 signatures against the Conservative plans to charge the sick to park at our Health Centre. Resident opinion resulted in the Conservatives reversing their policy and reducing the planned 42% increase in car parking charges. I will strive to cut car parking charges on Hayling Island to encourage shopping and greater use of our local shops.
  • Reducing Services while Council Tax Increases. The Conservatives have increased our Council Tax by 20% over the past four years while our incomes have remained unchanged. Meanwhile, services are being cut from respite homes being planned for closure to reduced litter picking and grass cutting. With this huge increase in Council Tax, services must be increased, or alternatively Council Tax increases must be halted, and services maintained.

  • Homelessness. In today's world, currently being the sixth largest economy in the world, it is nothing short of unacceptable that people living in our Borough can still be homeless. Having people sleep on the streets is unacceptable and has to stop.
  • Council Support. If I am elected, if you have any issues with local bin collection, fly tipping, dog fouling, graffiti, street lights, parking issues, damaged roads, abandoned cars, litter, drains and local landscaping issues I can help you get support for all of these problems and ensure your concerns are highlighted to the right people in the council. I will not support rubbish collections being reduced to just once a month.
Above are a very small selection of issues I stand and believe in. Regardless of your political persuasion please reach out to me if you want to ask me any questions, my stance on anything and especially contact me if you require any support or would like to discuss any concerns you may have. At the end of the day without your vote on the 2nd May I can’t make the positive impact I know I can and scrutinize the Tories who currently hold all Hayling Island Councillor positions.
My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and my website is Please email me and I will reply to you as quickly as possible.
If you’d like me to call you to discuss anything, please provide a contact number and the best time to call in your email me to.
Best Wishes and thank you for reading my letter.
John Perry