2017 08 - Hayling Island Weed Control

weed2Hayling Island is a holiday destination and having well kept grass verges and roads and paths free of weeks is essential to maintain the attractive location of Hayling Island for not just residents but also to holidaymakers.

However, the Conservative administration failed to enforce weed control during the summer of 2017 leaving the roads and paths in having looking untidy.

I have done my utmost to ensure that weed control and grass cutting is maintained at an acceptable level.



 In areas of Hayling East, particularly in Nutbourne Road, the weeds were so rampant during the summer of 2017 that determining where the  pavement ends and the road starts was difficult, so creating a safety hazard for our residents.  

I insisted that the Conservatives change their policy and reintroduce effective weed control to kill the weeds before they germinate during the summer months.