2016 10 - Havant Conservatives vote to keep EU Flag flying

John Perry Havant Borough Council EU DebateEU Membership Debate: In April 2016, Councillor John Perry raised a motion for a debate on EU membership in the Full Council Meeting. However, the Conservative Councillors struck out the motion to deny residents the opportunity to see or read about the debate.

EU Flag Flying Debate: The EU Flag is flown at Havant Borough Council's mayor-making ceremony and Councillor John Perry raised a motion in October 2016 requiring the council to no longer display it to respect the 62.4% majority vote in Havant to leave the European Union.

ALL the 29 Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors attending the meeting at the council's office in Havant voted against the motion, so it was not carried and the EU flag continues to fly.

This was covered in the press:

The refusal to debate the UK's membership of the EU and the effect it has on Havant together with Havant Conservative councillors supporting the flying of the EU Flag reaffirms that Conservative councillors agree with their MP Alan Mak in support of the UK REMAINing in the EU.