2014 12 - Hayling Island A3023 speed limit reduction


In 2014, a consultation was carried out on the speed limit along the main Havant Road on Hayling Island. Two Conservative councillors supported the reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph because they felt speeds of vehicles at or above 30mph were dangerous on the Havant Road.

Cllr John Perry opposed the speed limit reduction as there was a 4:1 majority against the change in the speed limit as it was his policy to support resident's opinion.

Since the speed limit reduction was enforced in 2015, Hayling Island residents have raised a 1,000 signature petition against the 30mph speed limit supported by a poll which also had a 4:1 majority of residents against the new low speed limit.

HI30mphsWe are also against any future Conservative plans for a 20mph Island-wide speed limit being introduced with 30mph only on the main arterial roads; the previous Conservative attempt to implement a 20mph limit across West Town was rejected.

If you want a 5mph speed limit across the Island with people walking in from of the cars with red flags, you'd better vote Tory!