2018 03 - Havant Residents to pay whopping 5.63% Council Tax increase

At the 21 February 2018 Full Council meeting, the Conservatives announced a 5.63% rise in Council Tax for all residents in Havant, St Faiths, Emsworth, Bedhampton, Purbrook, West Leigh, Leigh Park and on Hayling Island.  The increase was determined as below:

jpplaza  3.14% Hampshire County Council - Basic
64.0% Hampshire County Council - Adult Social Care
  7.25% Hampshire County Council - Police and Crime Commissioner
  2.98% Hampshire County Council - Fire and Rescue
  6.00% Hampshire County Council - OVERALL
  2.99% Havant Borough Council
  5.63% Havant resident increase

You may read or hear my Budget reply speech that was recorded in the Havant Borough Council Chamber on 21 February 2016.

I opposed the increase in Havant Borough Council Tax as the shortfall could be recovered from the estimated balance £500,000 - £1,000,000 due from the Borough of Havant Sport and Leisure Trust.  

An additional £300,000 was spent on IT costs that could have been avoided.  Any Vinci contract cancellation costs (magnitude unknown) should have been entirely avoidable.

Please click HERE to READ my speech.

Please click HERE to LISTEN to my speech, it will stream.

Do you think it fair that the Conservatives should increase Countix Tax by more than double the rate of inflation?  Write to your Conservative councillors to complain: they are click HERE.