2018 04 - John Perry's Hayling Island East Hustings Speech

jphustingsCould I thank the Hayling Island Residents Association (HIRA) for organising the Hustings this evening and the United Reform Church (URC) on Hayling Island for allowing the Hayling Island Hustings to take place this evening on 25 April 2018.

Hayling Island residents came up with some very interesting questions on Hayling island's Infrastructure, the 2036 Local Plan, Beach Huts, Dog poo, and human waste deposited by Southern Water into our local harbour.

My full speech is below:

Hustings Speech – Cllr John Perry 25 April 2018

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me thank HIRA for arranging, and the URC Church for allowing these hustings. I’ve decided to read my speech which will be on johnperry.org.uk tomorrow.

This evening I will talk about Brexit, Housing, Council Tax, Schools, Services cuts, Tory failures, and my help to Islanders.

I am the only candidate here whose party has consistently supported the Brexit that 2/3 of Havant voted for.

Theresa May wants unrestricted immigration until at least 2021. The 300,000 nett migrants require 150,000 houses, that is 20 Hayling Islands, per year.
The UK built just 217,000 houses in 2017.

The Conservatives house building target for 2018 is 300,000, and their Havant target is at least 11,250. 2-3,000 extra houses, unaffordable to locals, will be built on Hayling causing gridlock, with no extra infrastructure. If you want this, vote Tory!

Our Council Tax increased by 6%. This increase was wholly unnecessary and unjustified. Why should it rise 15% when inflation is 5% over 3 years? Tory waste and inefficiencies are the cause and I will give some examples.

  1. Despite UKIP warnings, the Tories outsourced work to Vinci and then cancelled the contract. We will pay Vinci £100,000s of penalty charges and that Ladies and Gentlemen is why Havant raised Council Tax.
  2. The Tories have refused to collect £100,000s of monies due from their profit share with Horizon Leisure over the past 10 years.
  3. Despite employees at HBC decreasing by one third; the highly paid Conservative cabinet have increased their numbers by a third.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives gave their parking wardens a £25,000 fines target; I abhor the policy of huge fines for minor infringements.

The savage funding cuts to our schools distress me the most. I’ve partially mitigated this by using my Councillor Grant to purchase Google Glasses for Hayling College and parts for an educational mechanical contraption for Mill Rythe Infants. I am delighted to support the 5 Schools fete, but it should NOT be necessary to hold a fete to pay for essentials.

Meanwhile the cuts continue with: councillor grants abolished; unsafe Police cuts, unrepaired pot holes; reduced grass cutting and no weed control.

So how have I helped Islanders?

  1. It was I that leaked the Tory plans to close our TIP; we must thank Allison for her petition and putting pressure on the Tories to change their minds.
  2. I have recovered £1,000s of pounds of unfair parking fines for residents.
  3. I’ve been the Councillor interface on the Halyards development working with residents and getting hazards removed.
  4. I’ve fought for full developer contributions towards affordable housing.
  5. I have fully supported HIRA and the Save The Island Group.
  6. I introduced Wendy Coates to the HBC Operations director as I support the Aqua Dome project – this Council must give something back.
  7. Finally, I have helped a myriad of residents.

On HBC, we have 31 Tory councillors and UKIP are the official opposition with four councillors. On Hayling we have five Tories with myself as UKIP. I would like to continue to serve you with another term in office.

Before you go out to vote, let me ask you one question?

Do you really want a full slate of Tories here with 3,000 extra houses and lose the opportunity of any scrutiny and holding the Tories to account?

That choice Ladies and Gentlemen, is in your hands.

This speech will be on http://johnperry.org.uk tomorrow.

Thank you very much indeed for listening to me.