2018 07 - Neglected Havant Town Centre

I would like to see Havant Town Centre with a strong local economy and having a vibrant community supported by policies that produce a thriving collection of local businesses.

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HavWStSmallWest Street Havant - Torn ripped plastic shop fronts are no substitute for real shops.

Instead, the Conservatives have raised business rates for small businesses while at the same time providing unfair business rates and tax concessions to large businesses.  The unfair treatment of small businesses together with a "DON'T CARE" attitude to Havant Town Centre by the Conservatives running Havant Borough Council have led to decay in Havant Town. 

The further 2018 increase of up to 50% in Havant Council car parking charges will further drive shoppers away from small business and local shops to out of town shopping centres and the Internet.  

Havant East Street Closed and neglected shopsEast Street Havant - Closed shops left to decay

The ironmonger Streets together with local nearby small businesses used to be a vibrant local community of small businesses.  Huge hikes in Business Rates by the Conservatives and the hostile policy of Havant Borough Council of high car parking charges towards car driving shoppers has led to a loss of footfall. 

There is currently no strategy that has addressed this decay which has accelerated in the past five years and reflect the neglect of the Council and lack of pride in our Havant Town.

Market Parade Havant - Closed Shops Left to DecayMarket Parade Havant - No plans for improvement

Market Parade together with much of Havant has been neglected for ten years.  Despite a proposal to build much needed homes in Havant to redevelop the site, nothing has happened and the Market Parade site remains an eye-sore in Havant.

One must ask?  What incentives are there for businesses to move to Havant when the whole area is slowly decaying through lack of interest or care by the local Council or MP?  

For how much longer are Havant Residents willing to put up with this; we need change. 

What UKIP and I would like to see is:

  1. Recognition that Havant Town Centre has moved west towards the retail park.
  2. Redevelopment of Market Parade to provide much needed housing in Havant Town Centre.
  3. The West Street empty shops closed and converted to residential use to provide more much needed housing.
  4. The East Street shop fronts replaced with quality retail units.
  5. A reduction in car parking charges across Havant Borough (not an unnecessary increase, as high profits are already being made on car parking); this will encourage local shopping and help small businesses.
  6. A policy change by the Conservative Government to reduce Business Rates on local businesses and abandon their bias to large businesses.