2018 08 - Charges targeted at less well-off pensioners

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Hampshire Bus Charges Proposal for pensionersPensioners were given a free bus pass outside peak-bus hours in lieu of an old age pension increase.  This concession had the additional benefit of targeting less well-off pensioners as more wealthy pensioners would likely use their own private cars.  The additional benefit of offering the bus pass was to improve the inclusivity of pensioners who may otherwise be stuck inside at home and be unable to afford to travel away from home.

Despite the Conservatives in Hampshire County Council raising Council Tax on Havant residents by 15% over three years, more than double the rate of inflation, there are currently proposals to charge pensioners 50p per bus trip.

Many people need to take two or more buses to reach their destination, and if accompanied to a local hospital, the new proposed charges for pensioners would be £4-6 instead of nothing.

I particularly oppose these proposed charges as they are targeted at less well off pensioners, and this is so very unfair.

The Conservatives have hugely increased our Council Tax over the past three years, and these proposed charges are not needed, not wanted and not necessary since the Council has benefitted from a significant revenue increase from Council Tax payers.