2018 08 - Excessive Housing Development in Havant and on Hayling Island

housingThe Government has directed all Councils across the UK to implement a massive house building programme and Havant Borough Council has agreed and had its target increased to at least 450 houses per year.

Hayling Island has severe traffic congestion issues on the main A3023 which affects Langstone and Hayling Island.  Despite the Hayling Island Save Our Island group conducting a detailed technical study on traffic flow which identifies gridlock is inevitable, there is a danger that the Conservatives who control Havant Borough Council and occupy all the Council seats on Hayling Island will get their houses built to the detriment of the well being of Hayling Islanders.

The Government has implemented an aggressive house building programme to accommodate indigenous population growth and the high level of immigration.  This level of immigration is being encouraged to lower the cost of wages which improves the profitability of UK companies.  To accommodate migrants, each constituency must build on average an extra 230 homes per annum per constituency. 

The annual house building targets for the UK has been increased to 300,000 and Havant has been allocated a minimum of 450 new homes per year.  A call for sites across Havant and Hayling Island has identified that potentially 2-3,000 new homes could be built on Hayling Island.

Recent election results have resulted in the Conservatives having complete control over Hayling Island at Havant Borough Council, Hampshire County Council and Havant Constituency.  So one could reasonably assume that Havant and Hayling Island residents fully support the Conservative house building programme that was a clear manifesto commitment.

haylingimageIt is UKIP's position that having immigration at over 500,000 per annum is excessive and that this should be cut to under 100,000 per annum but maintained at a level to meet business need.  UKIP opposes mass immigration of unskilled workers as the increased labour supply reduces wages of the indigenous population and places unacceptable pressure on infrastructure.

For Havant, it is UKIP's position that the encouragement of mass immigration into the UK must be reversed, the annual house building target could be cut from 450 homes per annum to a more manageable 220 per annum.

The apolitical Hayling Island Save Our Island group has conducted a thorough and detailed technical analysis of the historical and projected traffic flow on the A3023 main road using data from public domain statistics from Havant Borough Council (HBC), Hampshire County Council (HCC) and Highways England.  This report is available here (permission has been granted by the author to publish this report here).

Even without additional house building on Hayling Island, the period of complete congestion and gridlock will increase each year unless the necessary improvements to infrastructure are made.

The Save Our Island group have issued their objection to the Barratts Sinah Lane development.  This report is available here (permission has been granted by the author to publish this report here).

A detailed and particularly comprehensive objection letter to the Barratts Sinah Lane development has been written by a Sinah Lane resident.  The letter is available here (permission has been granted by the author to publish this letter here).

Some key statistics are that for each 180 extra houses the traffic increases by 2%.  Also, 178 houses having two cars per house of average length would have cars occupying one mile of road when the cars placed end to end with no gaps.

The potential extra 3,000 houses on Hayling Island would result in 16.8 miles of cars parked end to end with no gaps.

It is my position that this house building programme must be cut; however, the Conservatives have full control over Hayling Island and their councillors will implement their house building programme with vigour.  However, you may get the odd disingenuous councillor raising a faux objection to the plans to appear to support residents as they wish to retain their seat, expenses and allowances, but this is all providing the Conservative Leader allows such apparent dissent.  

It is UKIP and my position that if you want change you must vote for change.  The Conservatives have clearly demonstrated their continued drive for more housing, cuts in school funding, cuts and privatisation of the NHS, and continued reductions in our Police force.

Havant and Hayling Island Residents, the choice is yours, if you want change, you must vote for it.