At the 21 February 2018 Full Council meeting, the Conservatives announced a 5.63% rise in Council Tax for all residents in Havant, St Faiths, Emsworth, Bedhampton, Purbrook, West Leigh, Leigh Park and on Hayling Island.  The increase was determined as below:

jpplaza  3.14% Hampshire County Council - Basic
64.0% Hampshire County Council - Adult Social Care
  7.25% Hampshire County Council - Police and Crime Commissioner
  2.98% Hampshire County Council - Fire and Rescue
  6.00% Hampshire County Council - OVERALL
  2.99% Havant Borough Council
  5.63% Havant resident increase

You may read or hear my Budget reply speech that was recorded in the Havant Borough Council Chamber on 21 February 2016.


The front page of the Portsmouth News dated 9 February reports of the secret £25,000 target of parking charge notices that the parking wardens should achieve. 

It has always been my opinion that Parking Wardens should be there to facilitate the smooth flowing of traffic and to only issue tickets for flagrant violations of parking regulations.  It is unacceptable to incentivise parking wardens to issue as many tickets as possible.

This report should not be seen as a criticism of council officers as it is they that have to implement the parking charge quota that is set by the Conservative councillors.

Please go HERE or click on the image to see the full page 1 of The News.  The story was also published online HERE

jpparkingsOne Conservative policy that I find unacceptable, is allowing organisations to bill residents massive charges for minor administrative errors.  

Examples of unacceptable policies are:

Litter: the charging of Havant residents £75 charges for dropping a cigarette butt or allowing a piece of litter to accidentally fall out of your pocket.

Car parking: Issuing huge charges for minor administrative errors in either public or private car parks.

As a councillor, I have helped 15 people recover over £1,500 of unfair charges; the individuals had initially appealed and had their appeal refused.

weed2Hayling Island is a holiday destination and having well kept grass verges and roads and paths free of weeks is essential to maintain the attractive location of Hayling Island for not just residents but also to holidaymakers.

However, the Conservative administration failed to enforce weed control during the summer of 2017 leaving the roads and paths in having looking untidy.

I have done my utmost to ensure that weed control and grass cutting is maintained at an acceptable level.


havantbottles1sDuring the summer of 2017, bottle banks across the Havant Borough were neither been emptied regularly nor were they secured appropriately.

Instead of the regular emptying of bottle banks, it was left to residents to telephone the Council to have them emptied.

The photograph on the left shows a Hayling Island bottle bank that was overflowing.

I brought the issue of the failure to empty bottle banks in full Council on 20 September 2017.

Hopefully the improvements in the regular emptying of bottle banks will remain..

John Perry Havant Borough Council EU DebateEU Membership Debate: In April 2016, Councillor John Perry raised a motion for a debate on EU membership in the Full Council Meeting. However, the Conservative Councillors struck out the motion to deny residents the opportunity to see or read about the debate.

EU Flag Flying Debate: The EU Flag is flown at Havant Borough Council's mayor-making ceremony and Councillor John Perry raised a motion in October 2016 requiring the council to no longer display it to respect the 62.4% majority vote in Havant to leave the European Union.

eu flagsOn 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place and 17.4 million voted to leave the European Union. This 17.4 million was the largest winning vote in any election in the UK’s history.

On 22 September 2017, 15 months later in Florence, Theresa May of the Conservatives proposed a five-year transition period with the UK effectively remaining in the EU until 2021.

It is my position that Theresa May and the Conservatives have wilfully betrayed the British people again, including Havant residents, by failing to implement the EU Referendum commitment.

megfield1024sNeither Hayling Island nor Havant Borough Council (HBC) wanted the green field development, known as Goldring Close, at Mengham Fields to take place, but the Conservative led coalition Government over-ruled HBC and allowed the development to go ahead with conditions and HBC then permitted an over-intense development against resident wishes and government conditions.


In 2014, a consultation was carried out on the speed limit along the main Havant Road on Hayling Island. Two Conservative councillors supported the reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph because they felt speeds of vehicles at or above 30mph were dangerous on the Havant Road.

Cllr John Perry opposed the speed limit reduction as there was a 4:1 majority against the change in the speed limit as it was his policy to support resident's opinion.

We would like to devote this short article to Trevor Perry (not related to Cllr John Perry) who performed a very brave act in 22 May 2014, in swimming out 200m into treacherous currents to rescue and save a young boy and girl who had been swept out to sea and would surely have drowned had Trevor not performed his brave act. This good news story is well documented on the Portsmouth Evening news web site on:

31 July 2014 - Grandfather hailed a hero for rescuing children from sea at Hayling

6 November 2014 - Signs to go up in Hayling where girl almost drowned

Trevor contacted me after the incident and after we contacted Havant Borough Council and Hampshire County Council (HCC), and had new warning signs erected. Thank you HCC.

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