14. Agriculture

Post Brexit, the UK will be free of the costs and impositions of the Common Agricultural Policy. We will move from a system which subsidises large landowners to one that supports food producers and environmental protection.

  • Leaving the EU will enable UK to design a tailor-made agricultural policy, rather than a one-size fits all scheme, designed to benefit continental farmers.
  • Introduce a Single Farm Payment to support British farmers.
  • UKIP would introduce a Modern Food Act to ensure traceability and origins of raw materials.
  • Create a National Agricultural Council to ensure ‘joined-up thinking’ between different Government Departments for food, farming and environmental matters.
  • We will re-establish the Agricultural Wages Board for England, which would protect the incomes and conditions of farm workers.
  • Legislate for food labelling to show country of origin, method of production, transport and slaughter.