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jprtsThank you for visiting our website. My name is John Perry and I have been selected as the Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Havant.

I have decided to stand for the Reform UK Party (the renamed Brexit Party) because I share your frustration about the ineptness of our elected leaders who have brought our country to a state of crisis with nothing working properly be it the economy, Net-Zero impacts, inflation, NHS, immigration, energy, high taxes, education, housing, policing, pot-holes, or the cost of living crisis.

On 24 February 2024, I attended the Reform UK Spring Conference where our Contract with You was announced; please go here to read all about it in my blog.

On local matters, our top priority is to resolve water issues.  If elected, I'd work tirelessly to halt Southern Water's discharge of raw sewage into our seas, and oppose the proposals to divert treated raw sewage into our drinking water.  We need a moratorium on Southern Water price increases until they act responsibly.  Meanwhile, could I please ask you to read and sign this important petition.  I also oppose the electrical interconnector AQUIND project.

I wish to reform politics, and I will be standing on the principles of honesty and integrity. 

I admire hard work, determination, self-sufficiency, and ambition. I despise dishonesty, sleaze, corruption, self-promotion, waste, and vanity projects.  We must encourage ambition, but show compassion and give help to those in need.

This Government has Broken Britain, but there is a solution.

The video shows how the Conservatives have Broken Britain.  We need to REFORM and resolve: the NHS Crisis by training more NHS doctors and nurses and women must receive breast cancer screening when reaching 30; the Energy Crisis by becoming energy self-sufficient; the Economic Crisis by scrapping Net-Zero initiatives, and spending and investing wisely; Inflation by improving productivity; the Immigration Crisis by denying illegals entry to the UK and reducing legal immigration.

‚ÄčIf you support common-sense politics, then Reform UK may have the policies that you agree with, in which case, please consider joining us as a supporter or party member.

Please explore this website, and I invite you to visit the policy page which has my videos and details of key issues that affect us all.  You can also view videos from the Reform October 2023 Conference that clarify our policies on the videos page.

You may press the horizontal lines menu icon at the top-right to locate the search facility on this site.

Thank you once again for visiting, and please remember, if we keep voting the same way (Conservatives, Labour, or the LibDems), then nothing will ever change.  Please vote for Reform to make Havant and the UK Great again.

Our Reform UK Havant Facebook page is: Reform UK Havant Facebook.

Hot News!  Se our Local Election blog and our new councillors here. 

John Perry