About John

St Faith's Church, Havant.

Havant is and has been, my home for over 40 years, during which time I have lived in Leigh Park, Bedhampton and Hayling Island in our constituency.  I am proud to have a deep attachment to our area, which I am very fond of and keen to protect.

My wife and I have two grown-up children.  My interests include current affairs, technology, popular music, musicals, and cars.  I often frequent The O2, The Portsmouth Guildhall, and the King's Theatre, Southsea.

It is my belief that politicians should have a solid background in business and commerce and/or life experiences, and should not be career politicians who have risen through the ranks of political parties having read politics at university while lacking business experience.

After graduating with an electronics degree at the University of Southampton, four years later, I changed my career and became a qualified accountant.  I have had wide experience in manufacturing accounting systems and spent 20 years in audit and mergers & acquisitions, gaining significant knowledge and experience in all business processes and IT systems.

If you really would like to know more details about me, then please visit my personal website here.

Working with Reform UK, I would like to put my business knowledge and experience to good use to leverage the productivity, efficiency, and cost-saving opportunities of projects that I have been involved in, to help improve the public sector.

My passion is to make the UK, a highly-skilled, high-wage economy that can afford to develop the necessary infrastructure and pay benefits with compassion to those in need, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. 

I commit to strictly following the seven Nolan Principles of Public Life; sadly many elected politicians do not feel that they need to.

Let me summarise what I believe we need and what Reform UK would deliver:

Low Taxes - NOT the highest taxation rate we have had for 70 years.
High Growth Economy - So that we can afford necessary infrastructure.
High-Quality Public Services - Reduced Civil Service, run efficiently.
Cheap Energy - We need energy security and must use our shale gas.
Efficient Government Spending - So cancel the HS2 Project.
Getting BREXIT DONE - reverse the EU annexation of Northern Ireland.

Instead, what we have after 13 years of Conservative Party Rule is:

Taxes the highest for 70 years.
Government Spending the highest for 50 years.
Inflation the highest for 30 years.
Strikes the highest for 40 years.
Energy Prices the highest ever.
NHS Waiting lists the highest ever.
Immigration out of control and a refusal to protect our Channel border.
Law and Order collapsing, along with the Criminal Justice System.
Benefits System broken and subsidising companies with in-work benefits.
NHS and Big Business want to import rather than train staff.

On 23 June 2016, 2/3 of Havant residents voted to Leave the EU in the EU Referendum, and I actively campaigned to leave. 


However, our MP with his fellow Conservatives vigorously campaigned to Remain in the EU and now the other parties support rejoining the EU.  We need a true BREXIT to realise the benefits that we are missing; it is the Conservatives, supported by Labour and the LibDems who are thwarting Brexit and denying us our freedoms.

Watch Ben Habib in Question Time on how the Conservatives have deliberately sabotaged BREXIT and denied us our benefits.

 The UK Deserves Better, and Havant Deserves Better.