1. Why Standing

I have decided to stand for Reform UK, the new name for the Brexit Party, as I am dismayed at how the Conservatives have handled: the economy, our NHS, immigration, housing, and prematurely implementing Net Zero. 

Meanwhile, during the COVID pandemic, the Government wasted: £37 billion budgeted for a track and trace system that never worked; issued COVID loans without attempting to prevent or detect fraud; and issued PPE contracts that made outrageous profits for their supporters.

The Government allowed over one million legal migrants into the UK in 2022 and has made no attempt to stop migrants from crossing the Channel (now at over 100,000) by illegal means.  High levels of immigration increase the demand for housing and increase house prices and rents.

Our NHS is failing because far too few British doctors are being given the opportunity to train here.  The Government prefers to recruit nurses from abroad to resolve the nurse shortage created by their abolition of bursaries that must be reinstated.

Wasteful Tory spending, including the £100 billion on HS2 has increased the National Debt from 50% to 100% of GDP, which we as taxpayers must pay back with interest, so stunting economic growth while pursuing a Net Zero policy that will make us net poorer.

2. Water - Drinking, Sewage and Beaches

My highest and by far the most significant local issue we face in not just Havant, but also in Hampshire and nationwide is the practice of water companies dumping raw sewage into water courses and our seas, and coastal protection.

Here in our constituency, Hayling Island Beachlands Central has earned a coveted Blue Flag award for over 30 years, but this prestigious award is under threat.  I wish to address these water issues as a priority:

  1. The dumping of raw sewage into our seas and harbours.
  2. Putting treated recycled human excrement into our drinking water.
  3. The lack of signage on water quality on our beaches.
  4. Langstone Mill Pond Sea Wall
  5. Flood Prevention Schemes

Southern Water must be encouraged and compelled to improve water quality and taxation legislation needs updating to prevent water companies from diverting profits to Group companies when the cash ought to be used for investment and needed infrastructure.

I am utterly opposed to the proposal to treat recycled human excrement and put it into our drinking water.  We must have signage on our bathing beaches to indicate water quality and protection for our vital sea walls.

In 2016, when I was a councillor, I approached Southern Water about the pollution but had no support from the Tory-run Council.

3. Honesty and Integrity

When I was a Havant Councillor, I signed up to the Seven Nolan Principles of Public Life, and these are principles that MPs should follow but sadly many MPs in Parliament do not. 

I pledge that if elected I will diligently follow these Seven Principles which are: 

  1. Selflessness
  2. Integrity
  3. Objectivity
  4. Accountability
  5. Openness
  6. Honesty
  7. Leadership

4. NHS and Healthcare


The NHS faces many problems and needs significant reform.  The NHS is working far beyond its capacity due to surging demand, but what are the fundamental drivers behind the demand?

As a nation, we are becoming sicker; life expectancy is now dropping; and the health of the nation is in decline.  Why is this happening?  Until we have these answers, we cannot possibly begin to comprehend “HOW TO FIX THE NHS”.

Any politician who claims to know how to fix the NHS without answering this fundamental question does not know what they are talking about and so will be destined to fail.  Understanding the key determinants that are driving this change to a sicker Britain will be my number one priority.

There are secondary issues that I will also cover below.

5. Net Zero

headnetzeroI passionately care about the environment and want clean air and clean bathing water, and we can achieve these objectives in a strategic and affordable way. 

I do not support the Westminster Net-Zero Plan as it is unaffordable now, and the technology is not yet ready.  There is NO CLIMATE CRISIS, as over 1,700 eminent scientists have proven.

We have implemented Green initiatives in our property as the business case is sound, but I still have these issues:

  1. The Net-Zero Plan will make us Net-Poorer
  2. Criminal Charges for Net-Zero failure
  3. Our Jobs are being exported overseas
  4. Green subsidies should cease
  5. Wait for nuclear fusion
  6. The flawed Government Heat Pump Scheme

6. Immigration

headmigrantboatBritain has always needed a level of immigration to help fill temporary skill gaps. 

However, all intended immigrants should be carefully vetted prior to entry. 

Immigrants attempting to enter the UK illegally via air, sea, or train are rejected and immediately returned.  This policy must be applied to illegal entry from cross-Channel dinghies too.

Below are my views and policy on:

  1. Immigration Statistics
  2. Why high levels of immigration
  3. Effect of high immigration
  4. Reform UK policy
  5. Cross-Channel Migrants
  6. The Tory Migrant Bung Schemes

7. Education

headschoolIt is my opinion that a good education is the greatest gift that can be given to a child.  However, this Government and previous governments have failed our school children by not effectively funding schools and leaving university graduates with unreasonable debts. See Tory cuts to Havant School Funding here.

I will give my opinion and beliefs on:

  1. Learning the Basics
  2. Politics in schools
  3. Private schools
  4. Discipline
  5. Gender ideology
  6. Apprentices
  7. Universities

8. Energy

headenergyIt makes good sense for businesses and consumers to minimise energy usage to save costs; however, this Conservative Government has over the last 13 years failed to provide our nation with reliable energy at a reasonable price.

Specifically, I give my views on the following areas:

  1. Energy Self Sufficiency
  2. Nuclear Energy
  3. Shale Gas
  4. Subsidies and Wind Farms
  5. Household Responsibilities
  6. AQUIND Electricity Connector

9. Anti-Motorist Regulations

headmotorThere is a huge plethora of anti-motorist legislation and rules that are being implemented across the country. 

I commit to fiercely oppose all these schemes, particularly if there are plans to implement them in the Havant Constituency.

  1. The 2030/35 ban on new petrol and diesel cars
  2. Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)
  3. 15-minute-cities and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)
  4. 20mph speed limits in cities, towns and villages
  5. Speed humps
  6. Over-taxation of fuel
  7. HS2 and Smart Motorways

These schemes are designed to put fear into us to make us easier to control.  Please remember that the Conservatives demanded the ULEZ extension in London as evidenced by this letter from The Rt Hon Grant Shapps to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London.

All Other Topics

headotherI have not produced a video on these subjects but I have instead given you my thoughts so you may better understand my principles. 

In this section, I will give readers the opportunity to ask questions and I will give my thoughts on other issues.

Below are my thoughts on:

  Animal Welfare       House of Lords
  Brexit  Pensions
  Civil Service  Taxation
  Defence  Trans Athletes
  Digital Currency  Ukraine
  Fox Hunting  Voter ID and Voting
  Freedom of Speech     Welfare
  Government Waste  Your Questions