2024 04 06 - Lidl Theft

lidloicOne afternoon in April, I was about to enter Lidl on Hayling Island to do a weekend shop when a man rushed out of the entrance with a huge carrier bag filled to the top with steaks.

I rushed after him as he was walking fast and ran in front of him, stopped and asked him to go back and pay for the meat; he said he had done so, but I didn't believe him as he had exited from the entrance door.

So I grabbed the carrier bag, which he immediately let go of it, and he ran off.

I assume he offered no resistance, as all he would now do is go to another store and repeat the attempted theft and expect to be successful next time. Why get involved with a potential assault charge?

The man was about 6’3”, and mid-thirties. I then returned the meat to Lidl, who checked the meat over and confirmed the value of the meat was about £200, and confirmed still saleable. While in the store, quite a few shoppers thanked me for my action and called me a hero; that really made me smile.

2024 05 03 - Reform UK Havant CLllrs

SharonIMG 0478cutsI am delighted to report that Reform UK now have two Councillors in the Havant Constituency:  Cllr Vicky Rhodes who was elected first and Cllr Sharon Collings who was elected second and who unseated the Conservative Leader of the Havant Council.

Cllr Vicky Rhodes was elected first for Leigh Park Hermitage, and who regretfully was unable to attend the count for personal reasons.

Cllr Sharon Collings was elected for Leigh Park Central and West Leigh after a recount in which Alex Rennie was counted ten votes behind Sharon, and I do not believe that the recount yielded a different result.

Our other candidates Dave Etherington in St Faiths, John Davis in Emsworth, and Mark Collins in Bedhampton were not elected.

This result was the consequence of hard work by our Havant Reform UK activists who walked hundreds of miles delivering flyers, talking to the residents and understanding the issues of residents.  Both Vicky and Sharon are delighted to be able to serve our Havant community.

23 Feb 2024 - Reform Spring Conference and Contract


IMG 9751CropsLast Friday I drove up to Doncaster to attend the Reform UK Spring Conference that was to start the following day.  Some great speeches were made by Richard Tice, Ann Widdecombe and others and links are below.  It was at this Conference that "Our Contract with You" was announced by our leader Richard Tice.  This is a working draft and we are all invited to contribute to the contract before the final version is released before the General Election.

Personally, I like the idea of a contract as it signifies a commitment of Reform UK to honour and implement their policies.  Compare this to the Conservative Party who committed to immigration of tens of thousands, but then brought in 1.2 million immigrants in 2022 and issued 1.4 million Visas in 2023.  Just remember, #YouCanNeverTrustATory

The Conference was a refreshing insight of Reform UK's policies and at the end of the day, all Prospectice Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) were invited to the stage and photographed.  What I brought away was the tremendous optimism for the future from not just the Havant activists and the Hampshire PPCs that attended, but from the whole Conference.

Further details of the Conference and Contract are below.

13 Jan 2024 - The Post Office Horizon Affair

PostOfficeThis week the Post Office Horizon Enquiry Phase 4 continues with further evidence and examination of those involved in audit and Investigation.  It will be interesting to discover how the Post Office and Fujitsu conducted these key activities.

Having been an auditor in a multinational company, and having audited financial processes and systems of comparable complexity to the Post Office Fujitsu Horizon System, I thought I should give my opinion on what has happened.  This opinion is not necessarily that of Reform UK.

The dreadful mistreatment of Sub-Postmasters should never have happened and I believe this situation could so easily have been avoided by standard accounting controls and audit, leading to earlier investigation, with the consequent far earlier detection and correction of defects.  Why was this allowed to happen?

30 Dec 2023 - Veteran's email to me

This month, in December 2023, I was very touched to receive this email from someone whom I do not know but who has permitted me to publish the content.

I recall that when I was a Havant Borough Councillor, I tried to help a Veteran who was sleeping rough and attended the Council Office seeking help; the heartless Conservative-run Council called the Police who removed him from the Offices for him to remain sleeping rough on the streets.  This is NOT the way our veterans should be treated.