23 Feb 2024 - Reform Spring Conference and Contract


IMG 9751CropsLast Friday I drove up to Doncaster to attend the Reform UK Spring Conference that was to start the following day.  Some great speeches were made by Richard Tice, Ann Widdecombe and others and links are below.  It was at this Conference that "Our Contract with You" was announced by our leader Richard Tice.  This is a working draft and we are all invited to contribute to the contract before the final version is released before the General Election.

Personally, I like the idea of a contract as it signifies a commitment of Reform UK to honour and implement their policies.  Compare this to the Conservative Party who committed to immigration of tens of thousands, but then brought in 1.2 million immigrants in 2022 and issued 1.4 million Visas in 2023.  Just remember, #YouCanNeverTrustATory

The Conference was a refreshing insight of Reform UK's policies and at the end of the day, all Prospectice Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) were invited to the stage and photographed.  What I brought away was the tremendous optimism for the future from not just the Havant activists and the Hampshire PPCs that attended, but from the whole Conference.

Further details of the Conference and Contract are below.


Conference Speeches

ReadyToSaveCrops 9711


Here I am at the lectern.  It was great being at the Conference, listening to the speakers, and talking to Reform UK activists and PPCs who share optimism for the future on how we as a party are Ready To Save Britain.

I ask that you not just watch the Conference speeches, but also read the Our Contract With You draft summary below and feedback to us your suggestions on how we may improve our contract. 

We together really can be Ready to Save Britain

I hope that you share my optimism.

Thank you.

John Perry
Havant Reform UK
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate


Our Contract with You

JohnRichCrops 9753Britain has so much potential. Our country is full of talent and energy. Brexit is the opportunity of a lifetime. Yet the challenges we face are vast.  Both Labour and Tory governments have broken promise after promise.  They have destroyed trust in our democracy and let down the British people.

Our country is worse off, both financially and culturally. The economy isn't growing. It is being wrecked by record taxes, wasteful government spending and nanny state regulations. Record mass immigration has damaged our country. The small boats crisis threatens our security. Brexit has been betrayed. Multiculturalism has imported separate communities that reject our way of life. 'Woke' ideology has captured our public institutions.

Britain has a housing crisis. Record NHS waiting lists. A benefits crisis. Record crime. Net Zero is making us poorer and colder, damaging British industry and forcing motorists off the road.

The Tories have Broken Britain. Labour will bankrupt Britain. A vote for either is a vote for more incompetence, dishonesty and defeat. The two-party system has failed.

The United Kingdom therefore faces an urgent existential threat. Whilst people worry about how to define a woman, out leaders have allowed a border to be imposed between Great britain and Northern Ireland, leaving our Northern irish kin still tied into the EU.

There is an alternative. The British people have a common sense choice in Reform UK.

This is a serious plan to reshape the way our country is organised and run.

Only Reform will stand up for British culture, identity and values. We will restore trust in our democracy. Repair our broken public services. Cut taxes to make work pay. Slash government waste and red tape. Maximise Britain's vast energy treasure of oil and gas, to reduce the cost of energy, beat the cost of living crisis and help unleash real economic growth.

Once and for all, we will take back control over our borders, our money and our laws. Reform UK will secure Britain's future as a free, proud and independent sovereign nation.

Please click here to read our Contract with You to find out more.

Figures give are in £billion (b),  Per Annum (PA)

Slash Government Waste (save £91b PA)
  • Bank of England Must Stop Paying Interest to Commercial Banks on QE Reserves - saving £35bn PA
  • Save £5 in every £100 - saving £50bn PA
  • Scrap Unnecessary Government Quangos and Commissions
  • Brexit Bonus. Cut Unnecessary Regulations
  • Cut Foreign Aid by 50% - saving £6bn PA
Economy - Personal (cost £70b PA)
  • Make Work Pay. Raise Income Start Points: basic to £20,000, higher rate to £70,000 Per Year
  • Scrap VAT on household energy bills and lower fuel duty by 20p/litre
  • Cut Residential Stamp Duty to zero below £750k, with lower higher rates
  • Abolish the VAT tourist tax to boost economy by £10bn
Economy - Business (cost £18b PA)
  • Free Over 1.2 Million Small and Medium Sized Businesses from Corporation Tax
  • Phased reduction in Corporation Tax rate to 15%
  • Abolish IR35 Rules to Support Sole Traders
  • Lift the VAT Threshold to £120,000.
  • Reform the Planning System and fast track new housing on brownfield sites and infrastructure projects
  • Slash Business Red Tape. The Brexit Bonus
  • Reform the Tax System and reduce legislation from 21,000 pages (Hong Kong has 500 pages)
Immigration (save £5b PA)
  • Freeze Non-Essential Immigration
  • Stop the Boats with our 6 Point Plan
  • Secure Detention for all Asylum Seekers
  • Immediate Deportation for Foreign Criminals
  • Restrict Student Dependents
  • Stop the Illegal Working Scandal
NHS (cost 17b PA)
  • Transform Doctor and Nurse Availability with zero basic rate tax for 3 years
  • Use Independent Healthcare Capacity to cut waiting lists
  • Tax Relief of 20% on all Private Healthcare and Insurance
  • End training caps for all UK medical students
  • Write off student fees over 10 years of NHS service for all doctors, nurses & medical staff
  • Put Patients in Charge With a New NHS Voucher Scheme
  • Cut waste, Bureaucracy and Unnecessary Managers
  • Excess Deaths and Vaccine Harms Public Inquiry
Energy & Environment (save £30b PA)
  • Scrap Net Zero and Related Subsidies
  • Scrap Annual £10 Billion of Renewable Energy Subsidies
  • Cheap, Secure Energy - exploit North Sea Oil and Shale Gas
  • Cleaner Energy from New Technology - Fast track nuclear energy
Policing (cost £3b PA)
  • Increase Police numbers by 40,000 and implement Zero Tolerance Policing
  • New Police Leadership & Recruitment Regime
  • Common Sense Policing and scrap all Diversity, Equality and Inclusion roles
  • Scrap or Reform Police and Crime Commissioners
  • De-Politicise the College of Policing
Justice (cost £2b PA)
  • Urgent Sentencing Review with Automatic Life Imprisonment for Violent Repeat Offenders
  • Increase the Criminal Justice Budget
  • Change the Definition of Hate Crime
  • Commence building of 10,000 New Detention Places
  • Tackle Organised Crime
  • Reform the Child Maintenance Service
  • Stop Child Grooming Gangs
  • Tackle Youth Crime
Education (cost £5b PA)
  • Ban Transgender Ideology and Critical Race Theory in Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Tax relief of 20% on all Independent Education
  • Scrap Interest on Student Loans
  • Cut Funding to Universities that Undermine Free Speech
  • Permanent Exclusions for Violent and Disruptive Students
  • Universities Must Provide 2 Year Graduate Courses where appropriate
  • Increase Technical Courses and Apprenticeships
  • Life Skills Classes at School and no smartphones in school for under 16s
Benefits (save £15b PA)
  • Make Work Pay by raising the income tax start point to £20,000 per year
  • Start to Motivate up to 2 Million People Back to Work
  • All Jobseekers and those fit to work must find employment within 4 months
  • Face to Face, Not Remote Assessment for Personal Independence Payment
  • Integrate Mental Health Services with Job Seeking Pathways
  • Overhaul anti-fraud practices in the Department for Work and Pensions
  • Legislate to Scrap EU Regulations with Immediate Effect
  • Leave the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Abandon the Windsor Framework
  • Independence for Britain’s Armed Forces - withdraw from EU Military Horizon programme
  • Renegotiate/Void the EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement
Defence (cost £13b PA)
  • Increase Defence Spending to 3% of National GDP
  • Introduce Urgent Armed Forces Pay Review
  • Introduce new Armed Forces Justice Bill to protect Personell
  • Create a New, Dedicated Ministerial Department for Veterans
  • Regenerate Britain’s Defence Manufacturing and Technology
  • Provide free Education for Military Personnel during serving and return to Civilian life
 Department for Veterans (cost £1b PA)
  • Create a fully recognised national rewards and benefits scheme for veterans
  • Instigate “Veterans First” priority Status for healthcare, housing, training and education
  • Preferential Qualification for Key Public Sector Leadership Roles
  • Take Back Control of Recruitment for Armed Forces
  • Take Back Control and improve Military Accommodation
Housing (cost neutral)
  • Review the Planning System and accelerate brownfield development
  • Reform Social Housing Law to prioritise UK and not Foreign Nationals
  • Scrap the 2019 Tax Changes for Landlords to encourage smaller Landlords
  • Abolish the Renters’ (Reform) Bill and boost monitoring and appeals
  • More Homegrown Qualified Traders by boosting apprenticeships
Children and Families (cost £8b PA)
  • Support Marriage Through the Tax system with transferable allowance
  • Mandate Single Sex Spaces to include changing rooms and toilets
  • Improved choice for Stay at Home Mums or Dads
  • Launch inquiry into Social Media Harms
  • Review the Online Safety Bill and undue social media company influence
Transport and Utilities Infrastructure (saving £25b one-off, and £5b PA)
  • Scrap HS2 and Save £25 billion of this project
  • Stop the War on Motorists and ban ULEZ, LTNs and the ban on ICE cars
  • Tighter regulation and new ownership model for Critical National Infrastructure
  • Launch an Integrated Transport Infrastructure for project coordination
  • Improve resilience of drinking water supply
  • Stop the release of sewage into our rivers and seas
  • A Single Government Infrastructure Funding Stream and scrapping NetZero objectives
Agriculture (cost £2b PA)
  • Increase the farming budget to £3 Billion
  • Scrap climate-related farming subsidies for solar farms and rewilding etc
  • Protect Country Sports boosting rural jobs, communities and local economies
  • Stop supermarket price fixing and support farm shops
  • Promote Buy British, Buy quality and Farming, not form filling
  • Promote Future technology & fertiliser supplies
  • Encourage young people into farming with relevant programmes
Fisheries (cost £2b PA)
  • Stop EU Fishers Taking UK Quotas - all Foreign Vessels to pay for a license to fish in our 12 mile zone
  • Expand the Royal Navy Overseas Patrol Squadron to protect our EEZ
  • Ban Foreign Supertrawlers from UK Waters
  • Stop Foreign Owners Using a British flag of Convenience
  • Rebuild UK Fish Processing and our Fishing Fleet
  • Launch a Sovereign Wealth Style Coastal Fund
  • Guarantee Sustainable Stocks
  • Negotiate with Ireland on Rockall and Establish a legal claim for EEZ.
Pensions and Social Care
  • Commence Royal Commission of Inquiry into Social Care System
  • Stop the Offshore Taxpayer Rip Off by larger Care Home Providers
  • Review Pension provision and compare to other countries
Constitutional Reform (cost neutral)
  • Leave the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Reform the House of Lords
  • Reform the Civil Service using business principles
  • Stop postal voting except for the elderly, disabled or those who can’t leave their homes
  • Referendum of Proportional representation
  • A British Bill of Rights
Reclaiming Britain
  • Reject influence from World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • Cancel membership of the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Legislate to prevent UK becoming cashless
  • Oppose a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  • Scrap the 2010 Equalities Act
  • Scrap all Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (EDI) roles
  • Prepare Comprehensive Free Speech Bill
  • Ban Sharia Law
  • All Information to be in English Language
  • Scrap BBC Licence Fee
  • Launch a Westminster Anti-Corruption Unit
Cost / Savings Summary


Annualised Savings Over 5 Year Electoral Term Amount in £ billions

Policy Area  £ billions
Immigration Savings £5
Energy Savings - tax subsidies & scrap Net Zero £30
Benefit Saving - 1 million plus back to work £15
Transport & Utilities Savings £5
Slash wasteful Government spending  
Save £5 in 100 incl govt depts. quangos, commissions £50
Stop bank interest on QE reserves £35
Cut foreign aid by 50% £6
Total Savings £146

Sub-Total Potential Savings = £146 billion pa = Almost £3,000 per Adult


Annualised Cost Over 5 Year Electoral Term Amount in £ billions

Policy Area £ billions
Economy - Personal Pledges £70
Economy - Business Pledges £18
NHS Pledges £17
Policing Pledges £3
Justice Pledges £2
Education Pledges £5
Defence & Veterans Pledges £14
Children & Families Pledges £8
Agriculture Pledges £2
Fishing & Coastal Communities Pledges £2
Total Cost £141


This proposed contract is deliberately issued as a working draft. We welcome your comments, challenges and queries. The contract will be finalised later in the year. This is what happens in business, and the nation should be run like a lean, efficient business with motivated employees and happy customers.

Please email comments to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To view the complete Draft Contract as a 30 page pdf, please click here.